Same Day Delivery

We deliver your most important items on time and with extra care. Our dedicated delivery couriers provides fast and accurate same day delivery to all locations with new courier technology

 Why choose our same day courier services ?

  • You will get a dedicated driver/rider and vehicle for your delivery.
  • We don’t consolidate goods together from different customers.
  • Your consignment will be send immediately.
  • Proof of Delivery signatures and photos (PODs) are instantly available and can be sent to you via SMS and E-Mail

Next Day Delivery

We provide a high quality and excellent value next day delivery service delivering to both businesses (B2B and B2G) and private homes (B2C). Specialising in time critical services, we pride ourselves on our service reliablility exceeding customer expectations.

Why choose our next day courier services ?

  • We will collect your consignment any time you request.
  • You can get a status report on your delivery realtime.
  • You will know when your consignment has been received with a proof of delivery signature and photos

Delivery Order Return Service

An exclusive service designed to meet the needs of customers to obtain the stamped and signed delivery order (DO) from their valued customers

Fullfilment By Sendxpress

Sendxpress Fullfilment center can help store your products, as well as picking, packing and shipping your products. Save time and grow your business.

Reserve Change Service

This service is made available upon special request from the valued customers to pick up their valueable shipments from third party and delivery to the shipper as fulfill valued customer express carrier expectation

Late Pick Up

Specials arrangemenent for extension of pick -up after office hours can be arranged while still providing next-day delivery.

Email & SMS Gate Away

Enables end customer to get get detailed information without having to the extra effort to call or track. with a press of a button, it redirects to the tracking portal.

Early Delivery

Early deliveries of your urgent shipments can be pre-arranged

GPS System

Our Delivery boys and fleets are equipped with GPS system trackers that have realtime status on the locations. Our system has a route optimization to enable and the best route possible.


E-Commerce receiver is able to pay cash / credit card upon delivery.