Inland Haulage

  • Our vast trucking network allows timely arrival to any destination you wish for.
  • Scheduled, regular service.
  • Dedicated trucks on request.
  • Fleet of trucks with radio and mobile monitor.
  • Time definite service from door to door.


Freight Forwarding Business

As an important pipeline that links shipping companies and
shippers, we handle everything associated with import and

Our Service At Your Call

  • Air and Sea freight businesses
  • Rush handling clearance
  • Door to door delivery

Custom Brokerage Business

We act as an agent for application procedures or licensing jobs that are associated with import and export.

Supported with :

  • Own experienced team of people
  • Direct EDI link with Indonesia Customs


Air Freight Forwarding

  • Flexible and reliable air transportation, tailored to your needs around the globe. When your cargo need fast connection and regular uplift.
  • Airport to airport service with charter flight freighter or with commercial flight.
  • Worldwide network
  • Time definite service from door to door

Sea Freight

Our buying power throughout the world. When you need an
economic and reliable sea freight solution

  • Consistent and reliable consolidation services to most ports of the world (LCL)
  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Cargo Control
  • Very attractive rates
  • Time definite service from door to door